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Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society (MKPS)

The Kilimanjaro Porters Society was created in 2004 by Zara Tours to improve the working conditions of all porters on Mount Kilimanjaro and other hiking areas in Tanzania.

Please note:

A valid yellow fever vaccination certificate will have to be shown at the points of entry to Tanzania and Zanzibar.
This is a measure for your safety and to help prevent outbreaks.

Did you know?

Due to its outstanding charitable community support, ZARA has been awarded winner of the 2010 Tanzania Tourism Tour Operator Humanitarian Award!

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Selous Game Reserve

Selous map The Selous Game Reserve, another UNESCO world heritage site is the largest protected area on our planet, covering an area of around 50,000 sq. km. Its size is stunningly bigger than Switzerland or Denmark, uninhabited and little touched by human interference. Visitors can find themselves in a pristine wilderness, far away from the trodden tourist routes.

The Selous, whose aorta is the mighty Rufiji River has a spectacular wildlife with some mammal populations (buffaloes, elephants, hippos, wild dogs and crocodiles) being the largest in Africa. Nowhere else can one do boat and walking safaris through more spectacular wildlife concentrations.

There are around 440 species of birds in the Selous, making it a prime spot for bird watchers. The landscapes vary from open grassland to acacia and miombo woodlands, and to riverine forests.The Selous is part of the Southern circuit of parks. You should not miss the change to spend a night or more in our tented Selous Wildcamp. You will hear hippos far away at night, observe zebras peacefully grazing in front of your tent’s gauze window, and you can feel how the colours, the sounds, and the smells around you change when the day turns to night and the night turns to day... Also, it is a fantastic experience to fly over the animals in a Hot Air Balloon Ride!


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