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Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society (MKPS)

The Kilimanjaro Porters Society was created in 2004 by Zara Tours to improve the working conditions of all porters on Mount Kilimanjaro and other hiking areas in Tanzania.

Please note:

A valid yellow fever vaccination certificate will have to be shown at the points of entry to Tanzania and Zanzibar.
This is a measure for your safety and to help prevent outbreaks.

Did you know?

Due to its outstanding charitable community support, ZARA has been awarded winner of the 2010 Tanzania Tourism Tour Operator Humanitarian Award!

Toll Free:    1 866 550 4447
Tanzania:   +255 784 451 000
U.S:           +1718 715 4248
UK:             +44 20 3287 7384
Australia:   +612 80060210
Canada (Mississauga, ON): +1905 564 0024
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Why choose ZARA for your safari?

• We have over twenty years experience

Our years of experience and knowledge as qualified safari tours operation in Tanzania assures you an experience you can remember a life time. Safety, efficiency and reliability have earned us the reputation for being one of the best-valued and most reliable operators in the region.

• We have the best guides and equipment

With 88 registered guides and a fleet of 4x4 Land rovers, 4x4 mini buses and 4x4 Land cruisers (all equipped with viewing roofs) we are ready to take you on your safari adventure.

Vehicles used are generally Toyota Land Cruisers or Land Rovers, as they are most suitable to the terrain. For larger groups we use 4WD buses as it is more convenient for our clients to be all together in one vehicle only, and it is also more economic and better for the environment.

Our English, German and Spanish-speaking guides will share the knowledge and stories of the incredible Tanzania Game reserves.

Most of the drivers we use are full-time employees. They have been trained by us in customer relationship, tourism-related topics, environmental issues. Some drivers, especially on the less frequented routes are contract drivers, who work part-time for the company. These drivers are always experienced, reliable and very knowledgable of the areas they will take you.

We offer best value

We run our own hotels and tented camps which are conveniently located along the most popular routes through the northern Tanzanian National Parks. These are tourist standard 3-4 star hotels and are suitable for most needs. Running our own accommodation is a cost advantage we have over other safari operators that don't run their own hotels and camps. And we pass over this saving to you.

• We offer a comprehensive service for all your needs

• We offer a wide range of routes and combinations

• We have daily group departures

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